BONElock® Zahnimplantatsystem

The implants (including closure screw) are packed in a double sterile package and colour coded.

The implant packaging, the accompanying documentation strip and the plastic implant holder have the same colour code).

The BONElock® Dental Implant System is delivered in innovative packaging enabling the user to work efficiently and, at the same time, with a high degree of safety.

The BONElock® Dental Implant itself and the closure screw are fixed to the implant holder (Fig. 1). The implant can be picked up directly with the implant driver in one step (Fig. 2).

The prosthetic components packaging contains separate cavities for the abutment, laboratory and fixing screw. This way an individual cavity can remain sealed and is supplied to the attending doctor together with the completed work. The treating doctor is assured of using a new retaining screw. This increases safety and contributes to increased quality (Fig. 3).