Torque ratchet settings

BONElock® Dental Implant System

All screws have to be retightened after at least 5 minute with the corresponding torque!!


Torque wrench for BONElock® Dental System
Use Value
Implant sealing screw tightened by hand
Bar abutment sealing screw tightened by hand
Healing cap 20 Ncm
Temporary abutment – PEEK 20 Ncm
Standard abutment straight
Standard abutment 15° angled
Universal abutment
Gold-plastic abutment
30 Ncm
Bar abutment 30 Ncm
Bar base
Bar base Laser weldable
Bar base cast on
Bar base burn out
20 Ncm
Ball abutment 30 Ncm
Locator®® 30 Ncm
Inner matrix – ball abutment

use torque wrench for ball-abutment matrix
7 Ncm