In the course of additive manufacturing, we are once again focusing on innovation and are repeatedly providing our customers with the necessary additional value in combination with our other services. In cooperation with specialized companies, we therefore provide additive manufacturing processes in this context meanwhile.   

Metal laser sintering has established itself as an industrial 3D printing process. It has been created for the production of fully functional production parts and metal prototypes with diverse surface structures as well as internal channels. It can also be used to create complete assemblies or components with functional elements, such as hinges, in a single step.

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), or 3D printing, creates remarkable freedom for designers. This allows different geometries to be tried and produced during part construction, beyond the limitations of other production processes. Furthermore, this is achieved with very little waste, entirely tool-less and most importantly, it is significantly less time-consuming. In addition, Prowital offers a special post-processing of DMLS components, which makes it possible to achieve high-quality surface properties & finishes. 


  • CNC-machining of a component for downstream selective metal laser sintering
  • Manufacturing of complex geometries within a short period with direct metal laser sinterning
  • Milling of planar surfaces and fittings
  • Precise finish of surfaces (blasting, deburring, polishing, marking)

In unserer Wertschöpfungskette finden Sie die entsprechenden Prozesse, die sich modular ganz nach Ihren Erfordernissen zusammenstellen lassen.

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